Our Programs

How We Can Help You Grow Your Business

We are focused on providing training and development programs for your employees, customers, and partners. These programs can empower your business or organization to achieve your goals by:

  • Creating a diverse, open, and trusting environment where all stakeholders believe that their voices are heard.

  • Improving engagement and alignment around organizational priorities and strategy.

  • Strengthening the organization’s ability to drive innovation that leads to growth.

  • Building a strategy to attract and retain the next generation of leaders, ensuring the organization’s success in the future.

Our Programs

Getting to Know Each Other

  • Facilitating a conversation that fosters understanding of the diverse backgrounds of team members and emphasizes the importance of this knowledge: the creation of a culture that allows individuals to be able to call on others to collaborate on projects, leverage subject matter expertise within the team, and navigate the dynamics of various situations.
  • Learning about each other’s Predictive Index® (PI) profile, which provides deep insights into what drives team members to contribute and achieve.
  • Encouraging the commitment of all to nurturing an environment of openness and trust.

Political Savviness

  • Understanding and leveraging the dynamics of power in organizations.
  • Developing skills to create alliances that lead to attainment of business objectives and KPIs.
  • Exploratory conversations about the influence of “office politics” on hiring decisions and promotions, individuals’ ability to influence resource allocations, and how to crack the code of unwritten rules in order to advocate for your ideas and projects.

Public Speaking

  • Mastering the skills to confidently communicate your message in a clear, consistent, and compelling manner.
  • Learning techniques for holding your audience’s attention and engage them in an interactive discussion.
  • Understanding the differences between informing, influencing, and entertaining an audience.

How To Be Heard in a Meeting

  • Developing your message and connecting with groups of different sizes and levels of leadership.
  • Becoming a voice that is heard and respected, especially when you disagree.
  • Commanding a room without being perceived negatively.

Mastering the Art of Networking

  • Learning best and most effective practices for making and leveraging professional connections, through digital social platforms and in everyday life.
  • Optimizing your time at professional events while enjoying the experience.
  • Adopting a Pay it Forward style: becoming a preferred professional point of contact by being both a proactive and reliably responsive member of your village.
  • Recognizing the impact on the attainment of your goals achieved through choosing to develop and regularly practice these skills.

Diverse Voices: "Fireside Chats"

We create a safe & trusting environment where individuals can speak their truth about our inherent differences. We offer you an environment to reconcile these differences and focus on our similarities and diverse voices to grow as individuals, teams, and organizations.

Diversity Matters, Voices Matter


Companies in the top quartile for diversity are more likely to have returns above national industry medians.


Companies that are gender diverse are 15% more likely to have returns above national industry means.


Companies that are racially and ethnically diverse are 35% more likely to have returns above national industry means.


Companies with 10% higher gender and ethnic/racial diversity on management teams and boards see an increase in EBIT.

Cognitive Diversity: The differences in perspectives or information processing styles drive group productivity and creativity.

Source: Harvard Business Review, Teams Solve Problems Faster When They’re More Cognitively Diverse; Alison Reynolds and David Lewis, March 2017

Chart Source: McKinsey & Company, Diversity Matters; Vivan Hunt, Dennis Layton and Sara Prince, February 2015

Are you ready to speak up

and be heard in meetings?

Tilewa Nwaeze and Priya Levering

Ginny is an inspiring and captivating coach.  She challenges you to think outside the box and motivates you to find your true voice. She is transparent and authentic about her journey. As young women in business it hard to find women who are willing to invest in their time and energy into mentoring the next generation, but Ginny does that and more. She utilizes her book Unspoken and her vast experience as a platform to help you find your true purpose in life. You will leave every interaction you have with Ginny feeling empowered and motivated to be your best self.

Tilewa Nwaeze and Priya Levering

The Valde Group

Ashley Turner

Ginny is phenomenal! Ginny came to Swarthmore College for our professional development week and she blew me away! Her presentation on living your authentic life really moved me. She was authentic in her delivery and in sharing her personal and professional stories of triumph. She gave us steps to strengthen our courage to be more authentic and I’ve been using them ever since! She is a powerhouse!

Ashley Turner

Learning and Experience Designer at Swarthmore College

Ruth Roberts

United Way is an extremely satisfied customer of Ginny Palmieri and VOCE Consulting. Her delivery and support of the Predictive Index™ tool are helping to transform our organization and our talent development practices. Her business expertise and advise have been invaluable to us.

Ruth Roberts

Vice President of HR, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

Lauri Saft

Ginny's work with the team has been transformational. She quickly established trust, created an environment of open dialogue and allowed for a conversation that had remained hidden [far] too long. What the team and I love most about the partnership with Ginny and VOCE is the adaptive strategy that resulted from our sessions...This is exactly what we needed in the formative years of our new go-to-market organization. The impact on the company and the professionals who work at Twilio will be felt for some time. 

Lauri Saft

Enterprise Leader, Digital Engagements

Daniele Miriello

[As] a male senior executive...I have always strived to be the best manager I can possibly be by understanding what makes my employees tick. My current staff is currently 50% women, and I was exploring ways to better understand my female employees. I came across the book Unspoken, written by Ginny Palmieri. As I read chapter after chapter, her words began to inspire me... The old thinking of “do as I say mentality” is not the future of corporate America. Unspoken will open your eyes and better understand that to sit back and do nothing is not the right approach. We all have a lot to offer to make corporate America better and more profitable if we actually let down our guard and listen to our employees when they speak. I did gain more insight into my female employees after reading her book, and I also came away with a better understanding of myself

Daniele Miriello

Senior Vice President

Susan Stavish

Ginny Palmieri...is an eclectic speaker who weaves heartwarming anecdotes from her youth and from various roles in corporate America into her talking points, making them immediately relatable and memorable. She exudes authenticity, embodying a comfort in her own skin that is at once attracting and prodding - a model to replicate in our own ways in our own lives. She had us nodding and participating throughout the dinner, and also sharing avidly amongst ourselves during a mid-event breakout. Ginny’s highly accessible book, Unspoken - Finding Your Voice and Living Your Authentic Life, is one I will share widely with family and friends

Susan Stavish

1919 Investment Counsel

It was a real pleasure listening and interacting with Ginny Palmeri. She is an exceptional motivational speaker. Ginny is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious. She is not only a forward-thinking Leader but will also inspire your team to think differently. Her mission of VOCE is to inspire and guide others to recognize the value of the diversity of voices and perspectives in the modern workplace and create a culture of inclusion that enables everyone to share their opinions and ideas courageously and confidently. Her book "Unspoken - Finding Your Voice and Living your Authentic Life" is a must-read!. 

Deborah Tustin

Owner & CEO, Tustin Consulting Group

Ken Hull

Not only was I able to meet a bunch of very interesting people, but Ginny Palmieri's presentation was very entertaining and thought-provoking to say the least.

Ken Hull

COO, IntePros Consulting